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I’ve been spending all my design time on client sites, waiting for some down time to build the perfect site for myself – and I am still waiting. The other day I remembered my good friend Rob, who is an auto mechanic. He always said that ‘mechanics have the worst cars’. It never really made sense to me – but now I understand.

So, while I’m waiting, I thought I better get something up for those of you who want to see a sample of my work – because hey, you just might want to hire me right? You might be looking for a web designer or need some coaching on a social media campaign. So here’s who I am …

I’m a web designer and developer, with a diploma in Advanced Internet Development. I’ve been doing this since 2000. I love to build websites and facilitate social media programs that build relationships and grow community. And I love working with people that want to engage with others, but aren’t quite sure how to do it.

You can check out some of my recent projects and you’ll get an idea. Or you can contact me and we can discuss how to create your on-line presence.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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