Gwen Spinks needed a website that could bring all her passions together and help promote them to the outside world. I was able to use her art and photos as well as her wealth of resources to help tell her story to her many communities.

In Gwen’s words …

As you can see by my title I wear many hats – creating a website that serves them all is a challenge.

Colleen McCarthy was able not only to give me what I asked for but also was able to show me what I needed. What I asked for was a solid architecture that I could work from. She built that quickly and easily and helped me flush out the areas that I was not clear on, making the organization of the website easier for my clients.

Visually, she created a logo and look that reflects me as a whole not just the different things that I do – I feel that her design reflects the essences of who I am.

The third thing is her ability to teach – she has made it very easy for me to understand my website and how to navigate through it

I would whole heartily recommend her.

Gwen Spinks
Feldenkrais Practitioner
Dance teacher,