This project is a beautiful example of how establishing an integrated web and social media strategy can work to accomplish some pretty great goals. Here, we created of a website to showcase Evelyn as a professional facilitator, trainer and speaker, and then integrated the new site with a social media strategy that would help establish credibility and generate contracts.

Here’s what was accomplished in this project

Established a web and social media strategy to:

  • educate
  • portray professionalism
  • build community
  • attract contracts

Coached the founder in the use of social media to engage with her community, resulting in contracts from previously untapped sources.

Provided ongoing editing services until the client was comfortable using writing for the web strategies.

After just over a year, Evelyn has over 500 followers on Twitter, over 175 likes on Facebook, has been invited to international symposiums and generated contracts from previously unthought of client types.