Testimonials for OceanColleen Web Design

Elizabeth Sheffrin
Artist, Stitching for Social Change

I wear many hats – creating a website that serves them all is a challenge.

Colleen McCarthy was able not only to give me what I asked for but also was able to show me what I needed. What I asked for was a solid architecture that I could work from. She built that quickly and easily and helped me flush out the areas that I was not clear on, making the organization of the website easier for my clients.

Visually, she created a logo and look that reflects me as a whole not just the different things that I do – I feel that her design reflects the essences of who I am.

The third thing is her ability to teach – she has made it very easy for me to understand my website and how to navigate through it.

I would whole heartily recommend her.

Gwen Spinks

Artist, Teacher, Healer

Colleen is a gifted professional web designer and communications expert. She guides you through a process and delivers what you need to meet your goals. Her attention to detail is outstanding; she can envision what works on the internet and produces a superior end product.

Colleen is much more than a designer; she educates you and does strategic planning on how best to use social media.I highly recommend Colleen.

She is a joy to work with and exceeds expectations. I highly recommend Colleen.

Evelyn Zellerer

Educator, Trainer, Business Owner, Peace of the Circle